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I made a deal with Hawser on this one. She promised me some Purpstho and I promised her some Hawsyrao. So here it is as ordered Haws, one Hawsyrao fic!

Hawser was bored. And that was something that didn't happen often. All of Team Young were offline, she had no-one to prank, and she was fully stocked for supplies. She sighed. "I guess I could check Spawn, there might be someone hanging around there." She started for her portal.

----A trip through the Nether later----

Hawser jumped out of the portal at spawn, stumbling as the nausea effect started up. "Woah..." She tried to walk, but she tripped over a cobble slab. "Aaaaaaaah!" Suddenly, a pair of arms caught her before she could hit the ground.

"Woah, are you ok?"

Hawser froze. She knew that voice. It was Pyro. She tried to gather herself and get up, but she only got halfway there. Pyro set her down on the ground and crouched next to her. "You took quite the fall there."

Hawser giggled. "It could've been worse, if you hadn't been there to catch me. Dang slab!"

Pyro smiled. "It's a good thing I was here then. What are you up to? Pranking anyone?"

Hawser sighed. "No, I'm kinda bored."

"Well why don't you tag along with me then? I was about to head back to my place to derp around.... And maybe do some building like I'm meant to be."

Hawser grinned. Why not? Derping around sounded like a great idea. And with Pyro of all people! "Sure, let's go!"

Pyro helped her up. She dusted herself down absent-mindedly. Pyro grabbed her hand and dragged her towards the portal again.

----A few moments later----

They walked out of the portal at Pyro's place, still hand in hand. Hawser didn't mind this so much, even though it set off an explosion of emotions inside of her. Pyro, on the other hand, seemed a little awkward. He kept looking at Hawser then looking away quickly when she noticed. Hawser looked up at Pyro's home. "So this is your place huh?"

Pyro stopped and looked at her. "Yeah. I was thinking of adding a storage area over there..." He gestured to an empty area of land. "But now I'm in a pranking mood."

Hawser grinned. "Who are you thinking of pranking?"


Hawser's face lit up. "I just had an awesome idea!"

"What is it?"

"I'll get Purps to come online, and get her to Etho..."

"Hold on a second!" Pyro looked confused. "Why would you try to get Purple to Etho?"

Hawser gave Pyro a 'seriously?' look. "Don't you know? Purpstho is a thing!"

"Really! Wow."

"Yeah. So what happens is that Etho and Purps do... Whatever. And we come in with our water pistols and wreck it! How does that sound?"

"Great! Get Purple on here then."

Hawser pulled out her phone and called Purple's number. A bored and tired voice came out of the phone. "What's up Haws?"

Hawser grinned and nodded to Pyro. He motioned for her to carry on. "I heard Etho's got a surprise waiting for you on the server!"

Purple's voice sounded more energetic now. "Really!? Is he online now?"


"Ok, I'll go see what it is! Thanks Haws!"

"No problem Purps, see ya!"

"Bye!" Purple hung up.

Hawser put her phone back in her pocket. Pyro looked at her excitedly. "So?"

Hawser pulled out her water pistol. "Let's get em!"


Purple logged in, nervous and excited. She had no clue that Etho was planning something for her, but she was nervous as to what it was. She popped into Minecraftia and sighed happily. "Only one way to find out!" She started towards EthoCorp.

Purple ran through the piston door, knocking Etho over. "Oops! Sorry!"

Etho picked himself up and grinned. "It's ok, what are you doing here?"

Purple blushed and studied her shoes. "Hawser said you've got a surprise for me."

Etho put his hands on his hips. "Did she now?" Purple nodded. "Well I don't, unfortunately."

Purple sighed and looked up at Etho. "Well this is kinda awkward. I better go..."

Etho swiftly blocked the exit. "No! I mean, we could still hang out!"

Purple smiled. "Ok, I guess. You're not busy are you?"

"Nope!" Etho pulled her over to one of the many windows. "I feel like I've got too many windows in here."

Purple shook her head then let out a faint moan. "You haven't got too many windows, and I really should stop shaking my head..."

Etho looked alarmed. "What's wrong?"

"I've got a really bad headache."

"Oh... You know, I've got the perfect cure for a headache." Etho pulled her closer.

Purple was startled by how close they were, and as usual, had no clue what Etho was thinking. "W-What is it?"

"This." Etho kissed Purple's forehead gently.

Purple blushed scarlet, and even more so when he kissed her lips. She soon lost herself in the kiss however.


Hawser and Pyro tried their best to stifle their giggles as they watched Purple and Etho through one of the many windows. "They're so cute!" Hawser whispered. "And hilarious!"

Pyro nodded and pulled out his water pistol. "Ready to crash it?"

Hawser grinned. "Dude, I was born ready!" She kept through the piston door, with Pyro close behind. Purple and Etho broke apart with startled looks on their faces. Too late though. Hawser pulled the trigger and both of them got doused in water.

Purple wiped the water off her face with her sleeve and glared at Hawser and Pyro. "You guys!" Hawser giggled and pulled the trigger again. Purple got another dose of water blasted in her face. Etho reached over with a towel and dried her face off. "Thanks Etho."

"No problem." He continued drying himself off.

Purple turned back to Hawser and Pyro, who were laughing crazily. "As for you two, did you set me up?"

Pyro grinned. "Yep! It was Hawser's idea though! And a great one I have to say." Pyro leaned over to Hawser and kissed her softly.

Etho rolled his eyes. "Guys, get a room!"

Purple glanced at Etho. "We're not really people who can be saying that Etho."

"Oh, yeah. Carry on!"

Hawser grinned a broke the kiss. "Told ya Purpstho was a thing."

Pyro smiled down at her. "How about we make Hawsyrao a thing?"

Hawser nodded and kissed him back.
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