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So this is based off a very confusing conversation I had with Haws a few nights back. The confusing part is still to come, but I wanted to make this a mini series. (Cause I could use a break from CIM every once in a while y'know?) So have a TY mini series.

"So you guys will be here tomorrow, at 10am my time. Right?"

"Purps! Stop freaking out! We'll be there!"

"Ok, ok. Sorry, I just don't want to turn up 5 hours late or something like that."

"Well the only time you can stop worrying about it is when it's done. So get some sleep, and it'll all be ok before you know it."

"Thanks Tsu. Night everyone!"

"Night Purple!"

Purple left the call and logged out of Skype. She couldn't wait for tomorrow. She just couldn't believe that Team Young were all coming to the UK, just to visit her!
She remembered Tsu's words and drifted off to sleep.

----The next day----

Purple stood impatiently at gate 47, where she was supposed to meet the rest of Team Young around now. She sighed and pulled her phone out. She was about to text Hawser to ask where on earth she was when something ran into her. "Ahhhh!"

She spun around to come face to face with a grinning girl. "Heyo!" Purple must've looked very confused, because the girl continued. "Purps, it's me! Haws!"

Purple's eyes widened, and she hugged Hawser. "It's so great to see you!"

"It's so great to see you too!"

Purple grinned and broke the hug. Hawser laughed and nudged Purple. She turned in the direction Hawser was looking. She saw a couple of girls arguing, followed by one who was eagerly looking around. She laughed along with Hawser as the group approached. "Hey guys!"

The two girls stopped arguing and greeted Hawser and Purple. Purple, being still slightly confused, couldn't tell the two of them apart. "I'm gonna guess Tsu is the one with the long hair, am I right?"

Tsu nodded. "Yeah, and me and Dark are always arguing."

Dark grinned and pulled the other girl forwards. "Yeah, and this is Sis. Sis, would you stop looking around for 2 seconds and say hi already? We're in the UK for 2 weeks!"

Sis rolled her eyes. "Hi guys. Isn't it so cool seeing everyone irl?"

Hawser nodded. "Ya, this trip is gonna be so much fun!"

Purple looked around. "Aren't we missing someone?"

Tsu frowned. "Yeah, Tom. I seem to remember him saying he wasn't sure if he could make it or not."

"Aw, that's a shame..."

"What's a shame?"

The group turned at the sound of a male voice. Hawser grinned. "Tom! You could make it!"

Tom grinned. "Of course I could make it! I wouldn't miss a Team Young reunion for the world!"

Purple clapped her hands together. "Well, now that we're all here, welcome to the UK!"

The group cheered and headed off to fetch their luggage.

----A few days later----

"Girls! Wake up! You've got school today!"

Purple cracked open an eye. "Mum! Just five more minutes?"

Sisduke groaned and rolled onto her side. "Yeah, five more minutes sounds nice."

"No, you can't have five more minutes, come on! The bus is gonna be here in about half an hour!"

Dark shot upright. "Are you kidding me!? Guys! We gotta get ready!" She started to shake Tsu awake.

Tsu muttered something under her breath and batted Dark's hand away. "Dark! Stop shaking me..."

There was a faint padding noise and a squeal from Hawser. All the girls turned towards her. There, sat on top of Hawser, was Purple's cat - Fluffball. And underneath him was a very annoyed Hawser. "Purple! Your cat is sat on me!"

Purple giggled. "Just push him off, he won't mind!"

Hawser's expression turned to one of shock. "You can't just push him off! He'll start to attack me!"

Sis rolled her eyes. "Oh stop being such a wimp Haws, just push him off already!"

Hawser grumbled but gently pushed Fluffball off her. Purple grinned at her. "See, was it all that bad?"

"Whatever Purps, whatever."

----30 mins later----

"Guys, have you got everything?"

"I... Think so..."

"Haws, do you have a pen?"


"Then you're good."

Purple slung her bag over her shoulder and looked at the girls + Tom. They were all dressed up in her school uniform. She couldn't help but giggle. Dark glared at her. "What's so funny?"

"It's just... I never imagined I'd see you all like this."

Tsu rolled her eyes. "Purple, we've been here for 3 days already!"

"Yeah I know, just, gimmie a sec..." She put her hand in her pocket and held up her phone. "Everyone group together! Mum, could you take this for me?"

"Sure honey, everybody ready? Ok. Say cheese!" The camera flashed and Purple eagerly grabbed her phone.

"Look! Team Young in the UK!"

Tom grinned. "Awesome! Could you send it to us all when we get back?"


Hawser glanced out of the window. "Guys... Aren't we meant to be catching the bus? The bus that I can see driving up the road right now?"

Purple span around. "Damnit! Guys, come on!" And with that, they all ran out of the door to catch the bus.


"So this is your school? It's... Small."

"Yeah... There's only about 600-ish kids here."



The bus was just pulling up outside of Purple's school, Roseview High. It was a small building, but it completed it's purpose. There were two buildings, one a massive stone structure towered above it's brick neighbour. The two buildings were so different, it was like they didn't belong in the same school.

Sisduke decided to point this out to Purple. "How come the two buildings are so different?"

"Well the big one was originally the only building. But about fifty years later, the smaller one was built. That's why they look so different."

As Purple finished her explanation, the team had made it off the bus and were now walking into the school. Tom noticed a girl coming towards them with a confused look on her face and nudged Purple. She turned and smiled. "Hi Lucy!"

"Hi Purple... Who are your friends?"

"Oh yeah, this must seem a little weird. Well they're all from America, except Tom, he's Australian. I met them all online and they've come to spend a couple of weeks in the UK with me."

"Australia and America!? Wow, you weren't kidding."

Purple grinned. "Nope!"

"Well, I guess I'll leave you to it then, see ya later!"

"See ya later Lucy!" Purple turned back to her team. "So, let's start this tour!"

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Yes! <3 I loved this! I'm very... cautious about my appearance. xD Spot on Purps! I can't wait for more! :3


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