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Soooo much confusion in this chapter.

"So, we'll start with the main building first." Purple lead them through a maze of chattering teens towards the main entrance.

Tsu leaned over to mutter something to Purple. "I can see why you're scared of half of Salad, all the older kids in your school are huge!"

"I know, does that mean you'll stop nagging me to stop being shy now?"


Sis, noticing the conversation, jumped between the two. "Hullo hullo hullo, what's going on here?" She said it in a (failing) British accent and Purple burst out laughing.

"You Americans! So stereotypical!"

Tom heard this and grinned. "Good, cause I'm not stereotypical!"

Hawser turned to him, confused. "What?"

Tom rolled his eyes. "Purple said that Americans are very stereotypical. And I'm Australian!"

Dark patted Tom on the shoulder. "Ok, you're weird."

Purple laughed. "You guys might want to note that we're currently walking past the upper dining hall, towards Social Management and Languages. Or MFL if you want to be precise."

Dark looked confused. "And MFL is...?"

"Modern Foreign Languages."

"Oh. Of course." Dark shrugged at Tsu and they continued to follow Purple through the school.

"This is the technology corridor. We've got classrooms for Textiles, Graphic Design (or just Graphics), Woodwork, and Food Tech."

"Wait, so you stick tech in food?"

Purple resisted the urge to turn around and shake Tom to his senses. "No, that's just what it's called. It's just cooking and stuff. Someone isn't awake yet..."

Tom put on his best offended face. "What was that?"

"Nothing..." Sis bit back a laugh at Purple's completely innocent face.

"So what kind of stuff do you do in Graphics?" Tsu was peering around the door to Graphics.

"Oh, we waste paper and make soma cubes. And when I made one on Minecraft and showed it to Sir, he gave me 5 merits. Oh and merits are the rewards system here. If you get a ton of them you get to go to cool theme parks and stuff."

Hawser gently tapped Purple's shoulder. "Are you nuts?"

"Nope! Come on! There's more!"

And with that, she dragged them back up the corridor they had just walked down.

----After the tour----

"Ok guys, we're gonna head up to the Head's office. The Head is Mr Blunt. He'll organise you into sets and years. And years are grades and grades are years. Everybody confused yet?" There were a few weird glances and a lot of nodding. "Yep, me too. In we go!"

Purple paused to knock on a solid oak door. A soft voice emerged from within. "Come in." She opened the door and beckoned the others inside.

The office was small, it only housed several rows of files and a small desk. Behind the desk was an slightly elderly man, in his early fifties. "Hello ladies."

Purple stepped forwards. "Hi Sir. Um, this is Hawser, Sisduke, Tsugrad, Justicetom, and Darknight. They are all staying with me for two weeks. During that time, they'll be attending this school. Is that ok?"

"Yes, yes of course. Do you know what year they will be in?"

Hawser put a hand on Purple's shoulder. "We're all from America, except from Tom. We're all in the same grade, but Tom is a year older than us, so he's in the grade above."

Purple looked very confused, and so did Mr Blunt. "When are your birthdays?" One by one, they listed them off, with Mr Blunt writing them down in a notebook. "Ok, so Darknight and Tsugrad will be in Year 7 with PurpleSky. Hawser, Sisduke, and Justicetom will be in Year 8."

Tom looked a little scared. "Wait, so we won't be in the same classes?"

"No, but you'll see each other at break times and lunchtimes."

Dark saw Tom open his mouth to complain some more and interjected. "Ok then, thanks Sir!" She quickly pushed Tom put of the door and the others followed.

Sis grumbled as soon as the door closed. "Great, so we've been split up."

Purple tried to find a positive spin on things. "Well, we'll still see each other at break times and lunchtimes, it's not too bad."

Tsu chimed in. "Yeah, and remember we're all staying together as well. Think positive guys!"

Hawser still looked confused. "Why can't your system be like ours, this would all be so much simpler!"

"I don't know, why don't you ask the Prime Minister!?"

"Who's the Prime Minister!?"

Purple threw her arms up in an exasperated gesture. "You Americans really know nothing do you?"


"Oh I'm sorry, the Prime Minister only runs the whole damn UK for the Queen!"

Tom knew a fight starting when he saw one. "Guys, it doesn't matter!"

Purple turned on Tom. "She's just so ignorant!"

"I'm ignorant! What about your irl friends? Aren't you being a bit ignorant by abandoning them?"

Tsu stepped between the two. "But if she'd done that, then she would have to abandon us in an unfamiliar school with unfamiliar people. Are we all done now?"

Purple calmed down and looked a little sheepish. "Sorry, I keep forgetting you get taught different stuff to us."

Hawser smiled ruefully. "It's ok, I shouldn't have turned on you like that."

Purple grinned and threw an arm over Hawser's shoulder. "Right then, let's head to lessons!"
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