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Mwahaha. I know stuff you guys don't!

They were all eating in one of Roseview High's dining halls a few hours later. It wasn't hard to find Hawser, Sis, and Tom. All Purple had to do was follow the groups of people imitating American accents. Tsu and Dark just followed her, arguing over one of the things the teacher had said in English.

"I'm telling you Tsu, she said 'Similes use as or like, and metaphors don't!"

"No no no, it was the other way round!"

"Oh yeah!?"

"That's right! Similes use as or like, and metaphors don't!"

Dark burst out laughing. "You just said I'm right!"

"Did not!"

"Yeah you did!"

Eventually, Purple had enough. She turned around. "Guys, Dark is right. Now can you shut up and help me look for the guys?"

They mumbled a apology and Tsu spotted the other half of the team in the next minute. "There! Right where that group is!"

Purple rolled her eyes. "See how helpful you are when you're not arguing? Guys! Over here!"

So now they were sharing the events of the morning over lunch. The (now) Year 8 girls had found the work pretty hard. "And you do math completely different to us!" Hawser had complained. "I had no clue what Miss was walking about!"

Tom laughed and added, "Yeah, but your media suite is pretty impressive. The computers look basic and outdated, but they're pretty sweet when you start using them."

Purple grinned. "What has been your favourite thing so far Sis?"

Sis frowned. "Probably the German. I've never tried learning it before and it was pretty fun."

Dark raised her eyebrows. "Really? I hated German."

Purple nodded. "Same, I'm pretty sure the teacher hates me."

Tsu put an arm over Sis' shoulders. "Well I'm with Sis, it was pretty fun."

Purple and Dark looked at Sis and Tsu weirdly. "You guys are weird."


Hawser and Tom rolled their eyes. "Honestly, you would never guess that we were a team, would you?"

"Agreed Tom, with the amount of arguments we have..."

Dark cut in. "The arguments make it fun though!"

Tsu laughed. "Indeed they do Dark, indeed they do."


Purple left them after lunch for a little while. "I've got some homework to hand in, see ya in a minute!"

"Bye Purple!" Hawser turned. "Now what do we do?"

Sis nudged Hawser and pointed at what the rest of them were looking at. "I think that decision has been made for us, look."

There was small group of girls headed their way. They were pointing and giggling. Tom frowned. "They look like trouble."

Tsu shrugged. "Let's see what they want. However stupid it might be."

"Ok then."

The girls stopped in front of the team. One of the girls stepped forwards. "You're the Americans that are staying here for a few weeks, right?"

Tom grinned. "Yeah, but I'm Australian."

"I can tell. I'm Erin. I think you've met Lucy, right?"

Erin gestured to one of the other girls. Dark recognised her from earlier, when they first got to the school. "Yeah, we have. Hi."

Lucy waved and the last of their group stepped forwards. "Hey I'm Katie. I guess you could say we're Purple's irl friends."

Dark smiled. "Nice to meet y'all. I'm Dark, this Tom, Hawser, Tsu, and Sis."

"Nice to meet you all too." Katie looked at Erin. "Erin, why are you laughing your head off?"

Erin tried to suppress her giggles before replying. "Your accents are just so funny!" She started laughing again and Lucy joined in.

Tsu felt a little awkward at this point, as did the rest of the team. "Okay... If it helps, you've got funny accents as well."

Tom cut in. "You've all got funny accents to me!"

All the girls turned on him. "And you've got a funny accent to us!" They all said it in unison, then burst out laughing. Tom looked awkward for a second, and started laughing as well.

The laughter eventually died down though. Sis decided to start up the conversation again. "So, have you guys got any tips for us?"

Lucy thought for a moment. "The teachers don't mind you chewing gum, so that's a bonus."

Tsu nodded. "Cool, I'll keep that in mind."

Hawser noticed a silent conversation going on between Lucy and Erin. "Anything else...?"

The silent conversation stopped. Erin grinned. "Yeah, there's no late bell, so you could get to class in the middle of a lesson and be fine."

Tom raised an eyebrow. "Oh really?"

Katie grinned. "Yeah! You should try it out next lesson!"

Suddenly, Katie fell forwards with a squeal. Sis grabbed her before she could fall. Erin turned around. "Purple! Stop jumping on Katie!"

Katie got up (with the aid of Sis) and turned to Purple. "Yeah Purple! Stop jumping on Katie!"

Purple giggled. "I'll try!" She winked at her team. "No promises!"

Lucy noticed the wink and laughed. "See you guys later!"

Everyone waved. "Bye!"

Purple turned to the still giggling team. "So, I think it's time to meet my other friends..."
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