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Tsu, it's time for your turn. This probably won't break you out I still get points for trying, right?

Tsu groaned and shakily opened her eyes. All she could see was darkness. She frowned and tried to sit up only to find that ropes were holding her back. She shook her arms and legs. Thick ropes were wrapped around her wrists, ankles, and waist.

She could still use her head though. She craned her neck to either side of her. On her right side was the faint light of a lantern. It seemed very far away. She sighed and tried to move to a more comfortable position. She might be here a while.

Tsu's eyes shot open as she heard footsteps echoing off stone. She had dozed off before but now she was wide awake. She craned her neck towards the lantern light. She could see the glare of green goggles coming towards it. Tsu rolled her eyes. She should've known it would be Vechs who put her here. She called into the darkness. "Vechs?" No reply. "Vechs!?"

The footsteps stopped and she heard a laugh that worried her. The footsteps quickened until the green light was to her left. The was a snap and lights illuminated the room from above her. She squinted and examined her surroundings.

She was bound to a metal chair in the centre of a spotless white room. The room was bare, except for metal shelves opposite her. Tsu looked at the shelves a little more closely. They were piled high with... Was that knives? And something that looked like a blindfold? She began to shake slightly, her imagination running wild with images of what these items would be used for.

Vechs moved into her vision. "Hello sweetheart. How nice of you to join me."

Tsu rolled her eyes. "It's not like I had much choice..."

He chuckled and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Now then Tsu, there's something we need to talk about."

"And you had to drag me down here and tie me up to do it?"

Vechs slapped her cheek and she cried out in pain. "Be quiet! You do not talk unless I ask you a question!"

Tsu's cheek stung like crazy and it was all she could do not to whimper. Vechs didn't show any signs of sympathy. Instead, his face seemed to harden. "Lately, you seem to be ignoring me. You never come over when I invite you around. And it seems to be because you're spending too much time with Team Young."

Tsu bit her lip. It was true. She was spending time with Team Young instead of Vechs. She hadn't realised though.

"Now then, I think I should do something about this. Something you won't forget in a hurry..." Vechs walked over to the shelves. "How about we start small?" He plucked the smallest knife from the shelf and went back to her, twirling the knife in his hand. "Now then, just so you know. This is meant to hurt. I will drag this out for the amount of time you resist. Or however long I want, depends which happens second."

He slowly traced her cheek with the menacing blade, drawing a thin line of blood along it. Tsu winced and wished she could hold a hand up to touch the wound, to do anything to stop Vechs and the sick game he was playing.

"Now then Tsu, I'm thinking you spend a lot less time with that team. Hmm?" He flicked the knife downwards and pierced her jaw.

Tsu whimpered and hung her head. She couldn't bear to look at him, not when he was doing this to her. "Vechs, please... I can't abandon them. I-I'm a founder for goodness sake!"

Vechs put a hand under her chin and tipped her head upwards so she had to look at him. "So what do we do then?"

"I don't know, you're the evil mastermind here. Use that brain of yours!"

As soon as she spoke, she knew she shouldn't of said that. Vechs glared at her and sliced the knife across her forehead. Tsu cried out in pain as her lifeblood dripped onto her eyelashes and got in her eyes.

"I think you should leave them altogether. Leave them and come with me. And what I say, you do. Understand!?" Tsu nodded. Vechs wasn't convinced however and held the tip of the knife to her throat. "I don't think you do." He dug the point in deep enough to let a droplet of red blood appear. He then took the knife away and laid it carefully back on the shelf.

Tsu watched him walk back over to the light stwitch. "I will be back tomorrow, as it seems you need a little more convincing. Sweet dreams!" He flicked the lights off and walked back down the corridor from which he had arrived.

Tsu moaned and hung her head, wincing at the movement. She didn't know how she could succumb to Vechs. She couldn't just abandon her team.

But she also didn't know how long she would last.
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