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Cause I don't wanna abide by the laws of writing.

The teams congratulates each other stiffly, but as soon as the injured were taken away, Team Mainstream went wild. Red felt like se was gonna be deaf from all the praise she got. She tried to brush it off and run away from it but wherever she went, her team seemed to be there.

Team Young however were quite sullen. Tsu and Purple had been carted away by the healers, and Tom insisted that he accompanied Purple. The ones who remained kept blaming themselves for their downfall. But there was really nothing they could do about it now.

There were quite a few casualties for the other team as well. Rose, Book, and Wild all had serious injuries. They were whisked away like Tsu and Purple. Kappa noticed how down they were and decided they needed some cheering up. "You nearly had us you know. I'd love a rematch someday!"

Kappa held a hand out to Hawser. She grinned and shook it. "I'd be happy to have a rematch, it was fun." Kappa smiled and nodded before rejoining her friends.

Sis leant on Hawser's shoulder. "Let's go get some food, Dark is gonna wait for Tsu and who knows how long Purps will be."

Hawser nodded. "Ya, come on, I'm hungry!" She races out of the door with Sis in tow.


Tsu winced as the healing magic fixed the cracked bones in her neck. "Is it almost done?"

"Be patient just a few more minutes, then you can rejoin your friends."

Tsu shifted a little. Suddenly, there was a sharp pain and the tingly feeling of the magics cut off. "Huh?"

"All done, go meet your friends." The healer led a confused Tsu out of the door back into the main room they were all led to after the match.

Dark jumped up as she saw Tsu arrive. "Tsu!"

Tsu turned and saw Dark running towards her. "Hey Dark, thanks for saving my ass out there."

"It's nothing, are you ok?"

"I'm fine, where's the others?"

"Sis and Hawser ran off to eat..."

"Honestly, we better catch up with them!"

"Wait what?" Tsu grabbed Dark's arm and dragged her outside. "Tsuuuuuu!"


Purple groaned and rubbed her eyes. She blinked and saw a plain white ceiling. Huh? She tried to sit up but felt searing pain shoot up her leg. Oww... Where am I? The events of the past hour flooded back into her mind and she groaned again.

"Purple? Are you awake?"

I know that voice, is that...? Tom stepped into her vision. "Oh, hey Tom."

Tom sat on the side of her bed. "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine, what happened? Did we win?"

"No, they won. You passed out pretty quickly after we started walking."

"Huh?" Purple strained to remember. "Oh..."

"C'mon Purple, you can make it!"

"T-Tom... Everything is going hazy... Is that a Piplup?"

"No Purple, it's a tree. Please hang on, as soon as the game ends we can rest. And we can end this."

"Tom... I can't go any further..."

"Well looks like I'm carrying you then, hold on."

"Hee hee, you're warm. Just perfect to snuggle into..."

"Purple! You are not passing out on me!"


"Here, lean against this tree. Sip some water, and try to hang on."

"T-Tom... If I die now..."

"You are not going to die! You're gonna be fine just stay awake..."

"I wasn't finished! If I die here could you do one thing for me?"

"What is it?"

"Kiss me."

Purple jolted back to reality as Tom stroked her forehead gently. "Did you...?"

"... Yes."

"Then what?"

"You passed out in my arms."

"Oh god, I'm so sorry Tom."

"Why are you sorry?"

"I made you kiss me."

"You didn't make me do anything, you were kinda helpless in my arms. You were passing out from blood loss and all..."

"Wait, what?"

"I choose what I want to do. And you listen to me."


"Now, don't object."

"To what?"

"This." Tom raised his arm revealing a huge cut along the underside of his arm. It was untended to, and bleeding freely.

"Tom... You need help!"

"You need to be safe first. Go back to sleep Purple, I'll be waiting for you in the morning."
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