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Don't ask what this is, just read it. It's some crazy idea I got from what Haws said.

What Haws said: 'Taking walks are nice, they really do get your mind off things :)'

EDIT: I just read through this, I'm crazy. I don't know what happened, just roll with it!

Hawser searched frantically for her post-it note, looking up every so often to laugh at Purple ranting on at her in a PM. She needed that post-it, it had the list of Mindcrackers she needed to draw written on it. She decided to give up for the moment, is was just proving to be annoying. She sighed and typed a quick message to Purple: 'bbl'. She grabbed her coat before waiting for a reply and headed outside. She needed a good walk around, just to try and relieve some of the stress.

----30 mins later---

Hawser shivered and rubbed her freezing hands together. "Why does it have to be so damn cold out here?" She wished she'd brought her thicker coat, but it was a bit late now. Anyway, she would soon be back in her nice, warm home. She turned the corner and her house was in view.

She paused for a moment beside an alleyway to try and zip her coat up further. There was a slight rustling sound from her right. Hawser turned and peered into the alleyway. She couldn't see anything there. "Probably just a stray cat or something." She spoke too soon. A hand was slapped over her mouth and she was dragged into the alleyway.

Hawser struggled against her attacker, waving her arms and legs around wildly. It was no use though, and soon her arms were bound together behind her back, and a rag was used as a gag. She span around to try and face who was behind all this, but only caught a glimpse of blond hair before she was shoved into a dark corridor. She squinted against the darkness. She could just make out two doors, side by side. She was pushed through the door on the left, and it shut behind her with a loud clang. There was a moment of silence, then something hard hit the back of her head and she lost consciousness.


Hawser opened her eyes, feeling unusually tired. She was usually wide awake when she woke up. Suddenly, she remembered what had happened. She tried to move but found she was bound to a chair, seemingly in the centre of a large room. The room was sparsely lit up, it was more like looking through fog than daylight.

She heard a door open behind her. She tried to crane her neck around to see who had entered, but couldn't see a thing.

"Hello Hawser, did you have a nice sleep?"

Hawser frowned. I know that voice! But who's is it? Wait... It can't be... "Tom? Tom is that you?"

There was footsteps and a figure stepped into her vision. "Well done Haws, I didn't think it would take you that long to realise it was me."

Hawser smirked. "Your 10-year-old girl voice is hardly un-memorable."

Tom scowled. "Seriously!? You want to bring that up now? When you're bound and at my mercy? And might I mention that I have a number of weapons at my disposal."

Hawser laughed. "You wouldn't have the guts to use them on me!"

Tom raised an eyebrow. "Don't you remember that fight between me, Sis, Tsu, and Purple? One shot from Tsu or Sis and I would've killed Purple."

Hawser grinned. "Yeah, but that didn't happen, and you died in the end. That proves nothing!"

Tom smirked. "Well then, I guess I'll have to prove it." He reached behind him and picked up a average-sized knife. He walked back over to Hawser and showed her the knife. "If you keep talking to me like that, you'll probably become familiar with this." He quickly slashed downwards with the knife and cut a shallow gash in Hawser's shoulder.

Hawser gasped as Tom cut her. "Ok ok ok! I'll be good, whatever! Why am I even here?"

Tom put the knife away and went to leave again. "Oh, you're just bait."

"Who are you luring in?"

"TY, specifically Purple. And don't try to warn them, I already destroyed your phone." He went through the door and closed it with a slam, leaving Hawser alone in the room again.


"Guys, have you seen the news?"

"Huh? What news?"

"A girl has gone missing in New York!"

"Yeah, and?"

"I can't get through to Haws. And the last message she sent me on skype was saying she was gonna be back later."

"Oh... You don't think...?"

"There's a high chance of it."

"But what are we gonna do?"

"We're gonna look for her, obviously."


"I'm with Sis, we gotta find her. Even if it means flying all the way to America."

"Purple, you can't possibly come all the way here!"

"I can Tsu. Cause if Haws has been kidnapped, it's gonna take all of us to find her."

"Should we bring Dark and Tom along?"

"No, Dark is busy and Tom has timezones to deal with. It would be quite hard for him to get here."

"Is that settled then?"

"Ya, I'll see you guys in New York in a couple of days."

"Fly safely Purple."

"Have a safe journey you two."

"We will. See you all there."


"So... We're all here!"

"Yeah, but now what Sis?"

"Good question. Tsu, any ideas?"

"Well... We could start near the alleyways by Haws' house."

"There we are, logic. Let's go!"


Tom entered the room where he kept Hawser bound. It was his third such visit, and every one always ended in him inflicting pain on her for being cheeky and talking back. But this time, he had some... Interesting news.

He approached Hawser, and gently shook her awake. "Oh Haws..."

Hawser woke with a start. "Oh it's you. What the hell do you want this time? I'm already covered in cuts..."

"TY have arrived in New York."

Hawser's face fell. "What!? No..."

Tom smirked. "Oh yes. And it appears that they are on their way to come and rescue you."

"What are you going to do to them!?"

Tom scowled. "That is none of your business!" He grinned. "Besides, if I told you, you might find some way to tell them."

Hawser sighed. "Now we gotta wait huh?"

Tom nodded. "But in the meantime, I thought we could play a little game."

Hawser smirked. "A game huh? And would this game be?"

Tom smiled. "It is a game, where I use whatever I have to try and get info out of you on Purple."

Hawser frowned. "Why are you so obsessed with Purps!?"

"That is none of your business. So, let's play..."


"You checked that one, right?"

"For the millionth time Sis, yes!"

"Guys, I found something!"

Purple and Sis hurried over to where Tsu was. "What is it?"

Tsu held pointed to a doorway in the wall. "That's slightly ajar. What do you think? Should we in?"

Sis shrugged. "I don't see why not."

Purple grinned. "It's the best clue we've has yet! C'mon!" She pushed open the door.

Sis squinted into the darkness. "It's so dark... Anyone got a torch?"

Tsu pulled a torch out of her bag and shined it through the door. A corridor stretched out in front of them, with two doors at the end. Tsu went in first, followed by Purple, then Sis.

Sis tried the door on the right. "This one is locked, damnit."

Purple tried the one on the left. "This one is open! Tsu, can I have the torch?"

Tsu handed the torch to Purple. "Yeeeeah... You can go first Purple."

Purple laughed "Scaredy cat..." She opened the door quietly, shining the torch through the half-lit gloom. The light illuminated a figure bound to a chair in the centre of the room, as well as a shelf full of various weapons, some stained with blood.

Sis noticed the figure on the chair. "Hello? Are you alright?"

Tsu rolled her eyes. "Well they're obviously not Sis, considering that those things are covered with blood."

Sis noticed the weapons for the first time. "Oh..."

Purple approached the person and shook their shoulder gently. "Hello? Are you ok?"


Hawser woke to someone shaking her shoulder. Please don't be Tom, I can't take any more of this... She opened her eyes to find Purple staring down at her. "Purps! What are you doing here!?"

Purple hushed her. "Don't worry Haws, we got ya."

Hawser looked confused. "Who's we?"

Tsu stepped into Hawser's line of sight. "Are you ok? You look... Terrible..."

Sis grabbed a knife and started cutting the ropes that held Hawser. "Yeah... What happened to you? You're covered in cuts and bruises..."

"Uhh..." Hawser looked down at herself as she struggled to remember for a moment. "Guys you have to get out of here! This is a trap! I'm just here to lure you in! Tom did this to me! He's trying to get you guys!"

Purple froze. "What!? Tom!?"

"Yes, you have to go!"

Tsu stood, her hands on her hips. "We are not leaving you behind."

Sis nodded before finally cutting the ropes. Hawser stood up slowly with the aid of Purple and Sis and rubbed her arms.

"Guys, we have to go!"

"Oh you're not going anywhere. Not for a veeeeeery long time."

Tom walked up to the group. "Hello TY, let's talk."

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The one time TY goes on a rescue mission I'm busy xD


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