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It got a title! Chapter 1 of my new TY Fic based in the Founders kingdoms.

And yes, the last chapter was supposed to be a little vague. ;)

*bang bang bang*

Tom glanced out of the window to find he still had the curtains drawn. "Oh yeah cause that'll let me see who it is..." He continued to grumble as he opened the door.

"Hi Tom!"

"Oh, hey Purple. What are you doing here?"

Purple walked past Tom and into his house. "Oh, just things..."

Tom shook his head and closed the door. "What things? I thought you were supposed to be advising The Thing over in Blublandia."

Purple grinned. "Damn you for knowing me so well. I need you."

Tom chuckled. "Oh? What for exactly?" He winked at Purple.

Purple blushed a little. "Not like that ya idiot, I need your help with something..."

"What is it!"

Purple quickly checked for any listeners and leaned in close. "I'm starting a rebellion against the Founders."

Tom sighed. "Purple, you need to get these thoughts out of your head. You'll never be able to defeat the Founders!"

Purple gave Tom a hard look. "This isn't some silly fantasy Tom. It's already started. There is unrest in Blublandia already."

Tom scratched his head. "Still. You won't be able to do it. And I'd prefer not to be locked up in The Queen's dungeons for the rest of my life."

Purple turned away and quietly took her knife from it's sheath. "Let me put it this way..." She span around and held the knife against Tom's throat, while pushing him against the wall. "You help me or I will torture you and make you watch me kill all those you love. Oh and I will do it, I've wanted this rebellion for a long time now. I'm not having you spoil it. So, what do you say?"

Tom stared at her, half in shock, half in a weird kind of fear. "You're crazy, but it's not like I have much choice is it?"

Purple released Tom and put her knife away. "Good. Now have you got any pizza? I'm starving!"

Tom rubbed his throat and shook his head. "Honestly, one moment you're threatening to kill me and those I love an the next you're asking for pizza. Give me ten minutes to cook it."

Purple clapped her hands together. "Yay!" She watched Tom get the pizza out of the fridge. "And it better be pepperoni!"

Tom laughed. "Of course it is, what else would it be?"

Purple giggled and flopped on the couch. "I think I should ban all non-pepperoni pizzas in Blublandia, oh wait, The Thing is vegetarian. Damn."

Tom poked his head around the door. "Good luck with that!"

Purple gave him a determined look. "When we rule, that'll happen for sure."


Hawser paced in her room, trying to make sense of what was suddenly happening in her kingdom. Purple had disappeared last night on her horse. There had also been talk when she'd left that she herself was being rash. Which was totally untrue. Today a small mob had turned up at the castle gates demanding to see her, saying that they could rule better than her.

Hawser sighed and stopped pacing. Unfortunately, all evidence pointed to Purple starting this. And that was the last thing she wanted. There was a knock at the door.

"Come in!"

A servant bustled in. "My lady, I have found out that the assistant advisor told the messengers to spread those rumours."

"What!? Bring him here immediately!"

A few moments later the servant returned with the assistant advisor. "Why did you spread those rumours!?"

"I was under orders my lady!"

Hawser whirled around. "Who gave you those orders!?"

"M-Mistress Purple my lady!"

Hawser froze. "Go away, all of you!"

The assistant advisor and the servant hurried back through the door and closed it quickly behind them.

Hawser sat on her bed, staring out of the window. "No... Purple why...?" She couldn't understand why Purple would want to do that, she had one of the highest positions in Blublandia, as well as being Weapons Master for the whole Founders kingdom!

Her despair slowly turned into rage though, and she stormed down to her personal messenger. "I want you to tell everyone in the city that I am not what the rumours say. Also tell all the kingdoms that Purple is banished from Blublandia. She is a traitor!" She turned on her heel and casually threw over her shoulder "Oh and that I'm coming for her head."


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