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This is long than the others... Chapter 2 of my new TY fic set in the Founders kingdoms.

Tom munched on a slice of pizza. "So... What's the plan?"

"We're going to head back to Blublandia and gather as many people as we can. We'll make sure the idea of rebellion is spread throughout the Greater East as well. When we have enough people, we'll head on down to The Queen's kingdom and slowly take over starting from the outskirts. Then we will launch a final attack on the castle."

"Hold up a minute, how do we know people will listen to us?"

"Tom, we're the most formidable fighters in the kingdom that aren't Founders! Why won't people listen to us!?"

"Ok... Well it's a good a plan as any, when do we move out?"

"Tomorrow. ASAP."

"Ok... I'll probably be ready by seven."

Purple stopped eating. "Seven!?"

"What? I can't go any earlier!"

"I won't even be awake by seven! Eight."

Tom grinned. "More time to relax for me!"

Purple gave Tom a look that was halfway between a grin and a glare. "Whatever Mr Justice."

Tom glared at her. "I told you not to call me that!"

Purple stuck her tongue out. "Exactly why I'm calling you that, Mr Justice!" She giggled and carried her plate to the sink. "Oh and by the way, I call dibs on your bed, you can sleep on the couch!"

Tom gave her a look. "Seriously?"


Tom shook his head. "You're doing the washing up to make up for it!"

Purple groaned and got to work.


A few days later, the two arrived at Blublandia. They had hired an apartment on the outskirts where they had stashed all their equipment and were standing outside it, Purple outlining the plan.

"Ok, so I'll go to the main square, and announce the rebellion. You'll cover me, like a guard or something. The Thing probably hasn't found out yet, but just in case."

"Ok, when you've done your speech, what do we do?"

"I'll tell everyone to follow me to the other kingdoms. We should have a pretty large group following us. We'll head to the border and I'll tell you more then."

"Ok, let's go."

Purple set off at a brisk walk, and in no time at all they were at the square. Purple stood next to a statue of Hawser, and Tom helped her up so she was stood on Hawser's feet.

Purple took a deep breath and shouted as loud as she could. "Citizens of Blublandia! I am Purple, The Thing's advisor! Some of you may have heard that I disappeared a few nights ago! I did, but for a reason. I am starting a rebellion against The Founders!"

People had stopped to listen to Purple, and a collective gasp went around the square.

"This may be a shock to some of you, but The Thing has been ruling very badly. Her latest move against the Somethings is incredibly dangerous! It might lead to our defeat even!

This is when we must make decisions for ourselves! Do we have to listen to her, this... Idiot!? Or do we want to make our own safety!?"

A cheer rose up and Purple grinned. "Let us decide how we want to be ruled! Let us rule together! We will unite the three kingdoms and become a thriving nation! Who is with me!?"

An even loud cheer rang out throughout the square. Purple grinned down at Tom. "Think we can pull this off?"

Tom shook his head but smiled. "Why wouldn't be able to, we have this many followers."

"Exactly. Now let's get out of here before The Thing appears!" She turned back to the crowd. "Grab your weapons, we are headed to The Queen!"

Tom helped Purple down from the statue and she span around happily. "Tom, it's working!"

"Mmm, maybe a little too well..."

Purple giggled and grabbed his hand, dragging him back to the apartment. "There is no such thing as working too well! Now come on, let's have some fun!"

Tom raise his eyebrows. "And how are we going to do that in the middle of a rebellion?"

Purple winked at Tom. "Oh, I have my ways..."

Tom chuckled. "Oh, do you now?"

Purple blushed a little. "Yes. Maybe. Possibly. Yes. Just shush and come on!"


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