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Chapter 3 of my new TY fic set in the founders kingdoms.

The rebels had gathered at the border to The Duke's kingdom. From the followers they had gathered along the way and the originals from the square, they had quite a large group - just from Blublandia!

Purple swallowed nervously. She and Tom couldn't handle this army by themselves. Maybe they needed to appoint some generals or something?

No. Outsiders could betray her. Tom (hopefully) wouldn't. She just had to make sure it was all under control and they didn't think she was silly and weak. That could definitely lead to her downfall.

She turned to the crowd and took a deep breath. This would be a /really/ bad time to get stage freight. "Ok! Everybody listen up! Today we're going to cross into The Duke's kingdom. A small group of about twenty will stay behind and control the border. No-one will pass through without my say. Got it?"

Thankfully, everyone had. Purple lead her followers through the border, into the heart of The Duke's kingdom. She spread her rebels at and wide, gathering more and more everywhere she went.

After about two weeks of this, they gathered again at the border to Queen Tsukarine's kingdom. It was then she discovered she had lost over a thousand rebels to The Duke's forces along the way.

So now she was sat in a small room with Tom, discussing this. "It's all my fault! I should've kept everyone together! Then we wouldn't have lost so many!"

Tom shrugged. "Yeah, that's a pretty bad problem you got there."

Purple glared at Tom. "You gonna shut the hell up or help!?"

Tom spread his arms wide. "I'm just saying! There's really nothing you can do about it anyway. We're almost there. We just have to take the castle and we're done!"

Purple sighed and sat down next to Tom. "I guess... I just can't believe that many died cause of me."

"It's a rebellion, what do you expect to happen?"

"I don't know... Just... Less."

Tom wrapped his arms around Purple and drew her close. "Come on, it's gonna be ok."

Purple leant into Tom. "Ok... Right now can we just have this moment? Together? Without any rebellion going on?"

Tom smiled. "Of course."

That moment was short-lived, however, as a messenger burst into the room. When he saw Purple and Tom, he blushed and backed away. "Sorry, it can wait..."

Purple sat up and shook her head. "No it's ok, what's the message?"

The messenger gulped nervously. "The Thing has found out about the rebellion and has banished you from Blublandia."

Purple expected such a thing to happen, so she wasn't too upset. It was still pretty upsetting to hear that your best friend banished you from her kingdom, even if you're rebelling against her. She sighed and fiddled with the hem of her shirt. "Anything else?"

"S-S-She's also coming to kill you, personally."

Purple gasped and buried her face in Tom's shirt. Tom stroked her hair reassuringly and looked at the messenger. "You can go now." The messenger nodded as quickly left.

Purple held back tears as she thought the news over. She hadn't expected Haws to react this way. /Haws/, her best friend in the three kingdoms. In the world even!

And she wouldn't tell anyone, but her one weakness was Haws. In training she would massacre Purple. She would do things Purple never even dreamed of doing. She managed to beat Purple and outwit her at every turn.

Now her fatal weakness was coming to kill her, and there was nothing Purple could do to stop her.


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