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Chapter 4 of my TY fic set in the founders kingdoms.

"Purple. Purple. Purple are you ok?"

Purple faintly registered Tom was talking to her. She sat up and sighed. "Y-Yeah. I'm ok."

Tom looked concerned. "You don't sound so sure..."

"Nonono, I'll be fine." She smiled at him.

Tom seemed to relax a little. "So, she's after you."

"I expected her to banish me, but not to come to kill me..."

"You'll be ok. You've beaten her before haven't you?"

Purple bit her lip. "No..."

"Oh..." Tom put his hand on Purple's. "But this time you'll have me."

Purple smiled. "Thanks Tom."


Hawser rode her horse to the border gate, between Blublandia and The Duke's kingdom. A lightly armoured guard blocked her way. "Stop! You may not pass!"

Hawser looked confused and dismounted. "I'm The Thing. This is my property. Let me through!"

The guard drew his sword and the other guard moved to assist him. "We've have been commanded to not let you past under any circumstances!"

Hawser wasn't fazed by the sword. "By who?"

"Purple. The leader of the great rebellion."

Hawser laughed. "The great rebellion? Yeah right. Well I'm coming through to see Purple anyway."

"You may not pass!"

Hawser sighed and drew her shurikens and aligned them in her fist. She span around and punched the first guard near the heart, and the other she slit his throat. They both crumpled to the floor.

"That's what will happen to everyone in your precious rebellion!" She glared at the bodies before remounting and riding through the gate.


A lone messenger watched Hawser through a small window in the gatehouse. He waited until she rode away and sneaked outside. He had to get this news to Purple, fast.


"Purple, you got a message."

"Hmm? Send him in Tom."

The messenger walked in, still slightly out of breath. "I... Have... Bad news..."

"Well get ya breath back first!"

The messenger stood there for a moment before speaking again. "The Thing has passed through the border to here. The guards were killed by her hand as well."

Purple frowned. "Damnit. She'll be here soon... Off you go."

The messenger walked from the room. Purple grinned. "And get some rest while you're at it! You've done well!"

Purple heard a quiet "Yay!" before Tom closed the door again.

Purple started grabbing various things and ended up dropping a few. Tom picked them up and placed them on the table. "What are you doing?"

Purple glanced at Tom. "We gotta move, she won't be far behind us. For all we know she could be only a mile away!"

"Ok... So why have you grabbed a dirty plate?"

Purple looked at the plate in confusion before putting it down and laughing. "I don't know, come and help!"
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